“Sam is the perfect coach for me.  He understands the limitations of a 70 year old body, and he has himself successfully completed many half and full Ironman races.  He also understands the science, including the physiology, nutrition, and psychology.  

In addition to providing a day by day training schedule, including plenty of recovery days, Sam has guided my nutrition and hydration strategies.  

He also worked on my running and cycling techniques and considerably improved both.  Sam has been available whenever I wanted to ask a question, and we have met either virtually or face-to-face at least once a week.

Coached by Sam, when I stand on the starting line, I know that I am as prepared physically and psychologically as I can be, my nutrition and hydration plans are clear, my racing strategy is agreed, and my expected times are achievable.  Most importantly, I expect to finish.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sam as a triathlon coach.  Whether you are male or female, young or old, a beginner or an international athlete, aiming for a sprint or an Ironman race, Sam will be able to help you to achieve your full potential as a triathlete.”

Paul Harding