It’s a difficult time for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many events have been cancelled and no one really knows if any will end up taking place this year.

We need to be exercising to try and maintain our physical and mental well-being and help ourselves get through to the other side of this unprecedented crisis.

Strength & conditioning is one way of trying to maintain fitness and for those athletes who usually neglect this side of training here’s an opportunity to improve whilst at home!

We have put together some basic S&C exercises to help with this, which include video links to demonstrations by British Triathlon.

So, follow the plan 3-4 times a week and give yourself a challenge e.g. how many press-ups can you do now and how many can you do in 4 weeks’ time?

We’ve also put together some swim specific exercises for you to add to your usual strength set to try and help keep your swim conditioning up, as we can no longer get to the pool!