We are really looking forward to being back in Lanzarote during February 2022 after 2 years of uncertainty due to the pandemic.  With this in mind and understanding things will still feel a little different we have decided to change the format of our winter training camp.

This year the Amptri coaching team will be out riding and swimming most days and would like to invite previous, current & future clients to join us on an ad hoc basis. 

Perhaps this would be an ideal opportunity to get away with your family or friends whilst dipping in and out of training to suit your holiday schedule.

This is an informal set up and although we’d ask you to sign up to any session you want to join there is no cost to join.  We’ll operate on a pay what you want basis;  if you feel a session was worth it you might want to donate to the coaches’ Rioja fund!

  • We can offer advice on where to stay, so it is easy to meet up.
  • We can also advise on where to find bike rental should you need it.
  • As always, you would need to book your own accommodation & flights.

The 2022 triathlon season is looking up and winter triathlon training can be tough in the UK, this is your chance to kick off the season with a week of warm weather training!

In Lanzarote the weather is usually warm and the road traffic minimal, with excellent road surfaces (much, much better than the UK!).

If you are interested in joining Amptri coaches in Lanzarote for the week of Thursday 24th February, please get in touch or email us at contact@amptri.com for further information & to book your place.

All this awaits you…

Take a look at Lanzarote on You Tube.

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