Not long to go until Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon is upon us.

SYtri will stage the 500m river swim, followed by a fast 23km undulating bike,  finishing with a 5km run.  This is an excellent race for both beginners and experienced athletes looking for a PB.

Our partners at Shrewsbury Triathlon Club have asked us to produce some training sets to help you get to race day feeling ready to go!

The generic sessions  will be aimed at novice & intermediate triathletes and so you may need to amend the number of intervals per session to fit your level of fitness.  Please ensure you are in good health before attempting the sessions Рif you are in any doubt consult your doctor first.

Hopefully you are already following a plan which includes 2-3 swim/bike/run sessions a week.   In week 1 we will focus on higher intensity efforts sets which you can slot into your plan.

If you require a more personalised approach please get in touch with us at

Week 1

Higher intensity efforts Рthese sets should be in addition to the endurance sessions you are doing in each discipline.  We will use the RPE Scale scale to help give you an idea of the intensity you need to work at.

Swim   Sprint Set 1500m

Bike     Bike Set 1

Run      Run Set 1

Week 2

Muscular endurance sets Рagain these sets should be in addition to the aerobic endurance sessions you are doing in each discipline. (i.e. longer slow run).  Adding muscular endurance sessions to a solid base of aerobic endurance will be key to your performance success.  You may need to adjust the number or length of intervals to match your current level of fitness.

Swim     Swim Set 2

Bike       Bike Set 2  

Run        Run Set 2

Week 3

34 days to go!  Hopefully your training is going well.  This week we have higher intensity anaerobic efforts for the bike and run, and build on muscular endurance for the swim.  As always you may need to adjust the length or number of intervals to match your current fitness.

Swim     Swim Set 3

Bike       Bike Set 3

Run        Run Set 3

Week 4

26 Days to go!  Here are a few more ideas for you to add to your usual aerobic endurance sessions. You should have a good idea by now of the pace you will try & complete the triathlon in; if not, start thinking of a realistic sustainable pace you can achieve. Have a good week of training!

Swim    Swim Set 4

Bike      Bike Set 4    

Run       Run Set 4 

Week 5

You are now only 20 days out from your race and you should have been thinking about race day and what you will do from the time you wake up to what recovery food you’ll have once you’ve finished.¬† This week some of your sessions should focus on goal race intensity, so that you know how hard to work during the race.¬† If you can’t sustain your goal race effort for the intervals by now, then you will need to reassess the intensity you plan to work at.¬† So, have a go at the following sessions, test yourself and decide how you will race on the day!

Swim    Swim Set 5

Combined     Bike to Run 

Week 6

With only 13 days to go you still have chance to practice your goal race pacing – here are a couple more ideas for you try out.

Swim    Swim Set 6

Combined        Bike to Run #2

Week 7 – Race week

Keep your sessions shorter in duration and any race pace intervals should be shorter than previously.¬† You can still workout but don’t overdo it – you want to turn up on race day feeling fresh and not fatigued!